Cool Science Experiments For Kids
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Amazing Fossil Collection from DINOSAURS ROCK - BOYS FAVORITE GIFT!!
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Who doesn't love Gold Mining? Dig up and keep "Pyrite" specimens - Looks like real gold!!
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You get the absolute BEST GEODES FROM DINOSAURS ROCK!! Each one is CRYSTAL FILLED. Break-Your-Own-Geodes. Amazing Fun!!
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The greatest fun and fast to build. These really work. We built a few of them and then raced them across the floor.
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Feels like you're in the Movie with Indiana Jones hunting and finding important archaeological specimens. Loaded with great things to keep.
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Build your own Planetarium. Hours of fun and learning.
The Ultimate in Fossil, Mineral, and Gemstone Mining. Over 400 Specimens to dig up and keep!
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From robots, to volcano's, to kitchen science, there is a cool science experiment for kids right here.
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While this page is being developed, you can order some great fossils and minerals directly from our Dinosaurs Rock Super Store.
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Dig up and put together fun dinosaur bones like T-REX, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon and lots more.
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